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What I’m Reading – The Tick – The Complete Ben Edlund series

This is one of two new segments I’m thinking of adding to my blog along with my drawings. What I’m Reading is pretty straightforward. These will posts based upon what I’ve been reading. At the moment they will probably focus a lot on comic/graphic novels as I have been reading a lot of graphic novels to help me understand art, style, form, and other comic devices as I have been drawing my own comics. So without further ado, here is what I’ve been reading.

Recently, I finished reading The Tick Comic book series by Ben Edlund. It’s a complete set of his 12 issues that he penned over 20 years ago and lead to the creation of several TV series, including a 3 season animated series, and two separate live action series. I think that the current cause for me reading this book is because of the live-action show on Amazon Prime. I would totally recommend this series as it seems to remain true to the original comic series and the cartoons it was based upon.

The Tick comic series has always made me laugh because it points out the absurdity of some of the worst part and dumbest parts of the comic nature of things. Whether that be why people can’t see that Clark Kent is Superman except for his glasses, or what do you do when you have multiple characters with the same superhero names, in this case, The Tick. This series deals with superheroness in a slapstick methodology that anyone who really enjoys reading comics will enjoy.